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Here’s some helpful information to help you plan your visit.

The temperature

We have three seasons: Hot, Rainy and Cool. It’s a sunny, tropical climate that will wash the cool chills from your bones, it starts from March to May with the temperature from 22°c to 35°c. That doesn’t mean it never rains here, so you can expect June to October, our raining months, will be below 25°c. Cool season from November to February, the temperatures register under 20°c.


The Bousra Waterfall is conveniently sited in Village I, Bousra Commune, Péch Chenda District; 38 kilometers from Sèn Monorom. It can be accessed by red soil road.

Population, Language and Religion

There are more than 1,058 families made up of indigenous Bunong living in the Bousra area of 369 ha, whose main occupations are farming. But they do speak Khmer besides hill tribe language. These old cultures believe in spirits, derived from their animism beliefs.


Bousra Waterfall is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases.

Currency and Banking

The Cambodian Riels is the basic unit of currency, but US dollars are also available to spend throughout the area as well.


You’ll find many sophisticated retail outlets here, suitable for local tourist shopping. You’ll discover overflowing with local products, handicraft vendors, speciality gift stores and indigenous people selling locally own grown fruits. It’s here that you might find yourself in a bargaining session over price. It’s all part of the experience, so go ahead and enter into the spirit of it.


We don’t encourage tipping, but you may, if you wish, offer extra payment for outstanding service.

Operation Hours

Bousra Eco Park opens from 7.30AM to 4.30PM, daily.