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FAQs Hiking

Requirements and Restrictions

Age: We recommend our tours for anyone between 5 and 95 in good health and at least some basic level of fitness.

General health: A certain level of general health and fitness is necessary for the hike as it is about 1 kilometer to reach the falls and another kilometer to return back to base. There is also some steep descent to conquer as well as walking uphill for a short amount of time, but there will always be guides to help you and ropes set out in the tricky or slippery spots.

Pregnant women should consult a medical professional before attempting adventure activities during pregnancy as we cannot be responsible for any complication that may occur.


We believe we are the safest operation as you are led by experienced guides who ensure you are happy, comfortable and have everything you need along the entire trip. We are the only Eco-Park situated quite far out of Sen Monorom, this new waterfall hike will definitely make your trip a lot more worthwhile. We spend considerable time and money for ongoing guide safety training.

Hours of Operation

BOUSRA WATERFALL HIKE runs every day of the year including holidays. Tour hours are generally 9AM to 3PM seven days a week. For special case, guest may request to start an early hike at 8.00-8.30 am.



  • Extra-large groups receive a discount.
  • No student discounts apply.
  • No senior discounts are available.

Families and Children

All welcome! The only restrictions we have are children under the age of 5 and adults above the age of 95. As long as you have some basic level of fitness and health make your booking right away!

Large Groups, School Groups and Orphanages

Large groups are welcome. Please contact us through our inquiry form and tell us what you are thinking and we will contact you shortly after.


Guests are allowed to bring cameras, however, cameras must be securely attached to the guest. MONDULK RESORT is not liable for damage, loss or theft. Ranger Guides reserve the right to remove any item from the course of the hike that they decide is unsafe.


Lockers are provided free of charge. Rangers have the final say on what items can be carried with each guest while on the hike for safety reasons.

Waiver and Release

Each person must sign a waiver and release prior to taking any tour. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian co-sign the waiver.

What Should I Bring or Not Bring?

From mid-November to the end of February, customers visiting Cambodia should bring a sweater or something warm to wear.

  • In general, wear comfortable outdoor clothing. Check the temperature before coming as the conditions can vary greatly.
  • From March to October bring a rain coat, as it might be raining. They do sell instant raincoats in the area, if you require one.
  • Flip flops and loose fitting shoes are not permitted while hiking.
  • Sunscreen: Use sunscreen even if it looks cloudy.
  • Please avoid excessive or dangling jewellery.
  • We provide small lockers free of charge
  • Also, be sure to bring a smile
  • Price: 15 usd/person
  • Transportation available on request at extra cost
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  • Cancelled 7 days before your tour: full refund
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  • Cancelled within 48 hours or less before your tour: no refund
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