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To the Base of Bousra previously inaccessible second step Waterfall

Basic rate per person $15.

The descent – Begin by stepping through a wooden frame that leads out into the untamed forest of Bousra. Surrounded by tangled greenery, bamboo caves, singing birds and the stories the guide will tell you about the flora, you will feel the effects of adventure running through your veins. Watch your step as the descent is challenging yet manageable for children too. Ropes have been laid out to help you on your way. It is about a 15 minute descent until you reach the bottom of the slope where you will find a rushing river.

The riverbank – You will continue walking upstream for about another 12 minutes along the riverbank. You will weave with the guide between tall trees and over fallen branches, sometimes leaping over small streams where wetting your shoes is almost inevitable. Finally the distant thunder of the 60 meter high second waterfall will not be so distant any longer.

The waterfall – Clambering over a boulder or two, you will turn a bend and witness the full glory of the breathtakingly awesome waterfall. You will be about 10 meters away from where she plunders down into the rock beneath her where water fragments from pure force and rises up into the air as white mist rushing past your cheeks and cooling your temperature. The rock face that shapes the sheer drop of the waterfall, is one solid mass that spreads itself, following the direction of the water down for about 10 meters and rises on either side of the valley from 5 – 10 meters high. As you move forward to take a closer look, you will feel the refreshing cold breeze nipping through you, become stronger and fiercer, treading carefully over millions of little rock pools, you will know when you are close enough and stop. Here you will absorb the pure beauty and healing forces so many of the indigenous Cambodian people believe so strongly in. You may offer a prayer, unwind and gain insight or simply have light yet meaningful conversations with your company.

The trek back to base – This is the hard part for some, as many find some kind of peace here which they’d prefer not depart from. Remember all experiences you will carry with you forever. You will travel close to your guide and return along the same winding pathway you came from. Reportedly easier to ascent the slope you came down, you will make good time and return to the Park where we will say our final farewell.

NOTE : For groups of minimum 4 participants, we can also organise the Sunset/Night version of this hike with a BBQ at the Base of the waterfall.

Features of this Tour:

  • Hike down to the bottom of the previously inaccessible Second Waterfall at Bousra!
  • Breathtakingly Beautiful Hidden Gem and most beautiful waterfall of Mondulkiri province
  • Surrounded by nature for over 1 hour
  • Relax & unwind by the thundering 60 meter high waterfall
  • Hiking with our Park Ranger is the only and unique way to access Bousra Eco Park Protected forest and the base of the second step waterfall.
  • Guaranteed Crowd-Free Hike
  • 1 Park Ranger with each group
  • Ropes along the trail for easier progression
  • Water and Seasonal Fruits included.

  • Price: 15 usd/person
  • Transportation available on request at extra cost
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