Mayura Zipline @Waterfall
Bousra Waterfall
Kouprey Roundabout
Green Day @Bousra Waterfall


Being part of the local community

We hire most of our staff locally and give the necessary training to them. We support locally made products from our community. Mondul K Resort Co., Ltd have a very strong responsible travel philosophy – our approach is all about bringing the respects and benefits to the local people, their culture and environment. What we all contribute hugely is to value our place and especially to our local communities by educating them in a sustainable tourism practices.

We try to operate with limited impact on the environment and work on raising awareness. We buy, as much as possible, supplies and services locally

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Let your visit make a difference

A fixed amount from Bousra waterfall ticket entrance and the zipline activity is spent on developing and maintaining the local infrastructure and supporting several projects in empowerment and microfinance.